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Magazine Picks America’s Healthiest Airport (PHX wins!)

health-mag-december-97Health magazine has researched and chosen their top U.S. airports according to healthy environments.

Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) leads the pack, and I agree with them. I’ve used the airport at least a dozen times in the past year since I moved here.

This is the criteria they used.

Come to Phoenix and see for yourself!


The Top 10 Everything of 2008…

I would normally break down this kind of resource for easier, more direct linking…but I ain’t got that kind of time today.

So, I’ll let you jump over to the TIME magazine main page here and click around for yourself.

Perhaps we’re both better off this way…

Steve Dahl out at CBS’ WJMK-FM

Steve Dahl @ Comiskey

Steve Dahl @ Comiskey

Having lived around the Midwest all my life, and specifically in the “Chicagoland” area for the past 16 years, this story caught my eye.

You may or may not know the name Steve Dahl, but you may have heard about one of his most famous (read: infamous) publicity stunts…”Disco Demolition.”

We’ll Steve Dahl is leaving JACK FM after 30 years. Goodbye you colorful guy, you.

‘Mental Floss’ Magazine

Mental Floss magazine is one of my favorite mags. It’s intelligent, snarky (at times), and a source of unending facts of all levels of importance.

Mental Floss Magazine

Mental Floss Magazine

For instance, check out The Amazing Fact Generator. Other generators of trivia are also available. Or, take one of their hundreds of fun quizzes.

One featured list is about “6 of History‚Äôs Greatest Losers.” This list was inspired by this year’s Detroit Lions (0-12 so far this season).

Finish your visit to this great site by taking a shot at the “Ultimate Brain Challenge.” Are you up for it???