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What If There Was an NCAA Football Playoff? It Would Look Like This…

Check out this college/NCAA Football simulation (which is still going on at the time of this posting).

WhatIfSports.com is really a great site for sports fans who enjoy the idea of pitting players and teams from different eras against each other, along with a typical fantasy sports experience. They have leagues for baseball, football, basketball & even hockey. Additionally, they have “Dynasty Leagues” for college basketball & football, pro baseball, racing & soccer.

I’ve played 3 or 4 baseball seasons on the site (about$10/season for 162 games–with 3 games played/day). The stats for each game can be viewed, all-stars are chosen, trades can be made, players can be added from waiver wires, and more. But, you can try these games for free as well–just not full seasons.

This NCAA Football sim is just something to watch, not participate in, but it’s a smart way to market their services.

Oh, and if someone over there at FOX Sports is reading this (they created & own the site), please feel free to send over a free season code my way at mherman[at]inbox.com.

(Shameless…I know, I’m shameless)


Greg Maddux & Me…

One of the true gentlemen in sports, Pitcher Greg Maddux, will retire Monday. He was a great example of what someone without an overpowering arm could accomplish in the biggest stage in the world in his sport.

Maddux will be a first ballot hall-of-famer for sure.

I, on the other hand, am still a great example of what someone with even less talent, only played college baseball, could accomplish because I set my mind to make the accomplishment of not going to the major leagues.

Sure…they didn’t draft me, but that’s beside the point!